Tummy Tuck Price

Tummy Tucks are becoming more popular as there are now many different types of procedures available. Thus. the cost may vary greatly, depending on type of surgery. Plastic surgery in general is not covered by the majority of health insurance programs, but these days, quite a large amount of plastic surgeons offer payment plans. It is critical that you carefully consider the cost of a tummy tuck should be you considering the surgery.


There are instances in which medical insurance could cover, or help with the cost of a tummy tuck. These usually involve situations in which a physician recommends an abdominoplasty following extreme weight loss after bariatric surgery. And in those rare occasions where it would be required for a health issues, such as a hernia.

The average price of a tummy tuck ranges from $3, 000 to $12,000 with the average rate being somewhere in the $8,000 range. This normally entails a facility fee of $700 to $1000, anesthesia fees ranging from $500 to $800 and the surgeon’s fee, which is an average of $5,232. These numbers go up if an overnight stay is required. Rates tend to be slightly higher in the northeastern region of the US and lower in the southern central region.

Since Abdominoplasty can consist of a combination of different procedures there is no way to quote an exact price as they also vary by specialist, region and the procedure itself. Most procedures involve tightening of the muscles, removal of excess skin and some form of liposuction. You also have to factor in pain and other medications, anesthesia, hospital stay if required and other costs. You will also need to take into account that you may be losing time from work due to extended recovery time. Unless you have vacation or personal time, you could also be losing money as well.


List of costs for tummy tuck surgery

  • initial consultation
  • hospital or surgical facility costs
  • pretesting and procedures prior to surgery
  • pain medications and other prescriptions
  • plastic surgeon’s fee
  • post-surgery costs such as clothing, gauze, creams, etc


Research before making a final decision

You should definitely do extensive research before you consider tummy tuck surgery. Discuss all  options with your physician and if possible, get more than one opinion. It is important to make certain that you are in fact a good candidate for this procedure. Those who are ideal candidates are those who have realistic expectations of the outcome of the procedure, are in good physical health, close to their ideal weight and non-smokers. You should also determine if you require a full or partial abdominoplasty, as this could greatly affect your overall cost and you should examine some of the non-surgical methods as well. Make sure to discuss the possibility of payment plans and also investigate to see if your insurance can help cover some of the costs if it is in fact, a medically required procedure. And most importantly, be sure to shop for a plastic surgeon who is both experienced and board certified.


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